Turnigy graphene review: can increase flight time?

Why so many people looking forward to it and is Turnigy graphene lipo battery really can increase flight time for quadcopter? Today, I make a article about Turnigy graphene review for helping you to know what's the graphene battery and its performance.


What is the graphene lipo battery?

Graphene batteries is Newly developed a kind of new energy battery, which the use of lithium ion in graphene quickly a large number of shuttle between the surface and the electrode movement features.

There are at less 3 advantages of the graphene lipo battery as below:

  • High capacity energy storage
  • Shorten charging times
  • Longer cycle
  • Less weight
  • More cheaper

Turnigy graphene review 1300mah

 Turnigy graphene review

As above image you see, Typically I see the end temperature around 130F to 140F. Again, the Turnigy graphene pack performed much better than a standard LiPo. After more than 80% discharge at 27A it was barely warm at 108.5F! 


Can turnigy graphene increase flight time for quadcopter? Yes, but not exactly. In fact, according to our survey, graphene material just assisted as additives to increase the performance of lipo battery. So far, they are all more or less good for increasing the performance.

Gradually along with the mass production and large size problem, the industrialization application of graphene is speeding up, based on the existing research results, the commercial application of the first field would be on a mobile device, aerospace, new energy battery and drone field.

Now, there are many brands of graphene battery in the market such as Turnigy, Arris, Grazepony etc. Which one would you like to purchase? Please leave your messages on here, if you have any questions about the graphene battery.

Fisheye lens for UAV

How to make your UAV have wider FOV? You should make a change of your lens of your UAV. 
I ever purchased some kinds of fisheye lens to replace the original onein our UAV, but the result is not satisfactory, the FOV isn't wide enough for me, and I found the image is blur, especially the edge. 
Last month, I purchased a 1.05mm fisheye lens  SA-010528FEB  from Fuzhou Siaon Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
The lens is very goods, with 245°x245°x245° FOV, 10MP resolution, 1/2.3" format.
I try it in my UAV. the image is better than before. If you want to make a change of your lens in UAV, you could make a try of the fisheye lens from Fuzhou Siaon.

Get Personalized Firefighter Challenge Coins for your Brave Firefighters

Traditionally, the concept of giving challenge coins is used to identify the membership of your staff in an elite unit. But such challenge coins also play a key role in boosting one’s self confidence as the coins are like an honorary medal for them.

When you face any life threatening situation, you can trust the firemen to save your life even if that is equally menacing situation for them. These brave men serve to deliver you out of any unfortunate and dangerous situations. This is why they deserve to be honored with challenge coins that are helpful in symbolizing and signifying the firefighters’ spirit and also distinguish and validate them. It is a good way to develop the bond of goodwill among the crew. The  firefighter challenge coins  are famed for expressing pride and honor towards the firemen.

A few of the exclusive features of firefighter challenge coins are seriated below:
  • The firefighter challenge coins distinctively depict your name and date of issuance.
  • Their design and layout can be custom created for uniqueness and easy identification.
  • Many a times, they are fabricated with the special themes to commemorate vital points of fire fighting.
If you will to honor your team of firefighters with  firefighter challenge coins,  then you should definitely route to Firefighter Challenge Coins.

Firefighter Challenge Coins offer you superior quality firemen challenge coins at cost effective prices. All their products are durable and made up of brass, copper, silver, gold and other metals.

Other than challenge coins, Firefighter Challenge Coins offers bottle openers, dog taps and medallions too. They supply the wide array of challenge coins to you to augment your confidence and zeal towards the praiseworthy work. They are providing coins of different styles including flat edge, bezel edge, cross cut edge etc. These coins are created on demand and are placed in a soft box with a small plate, where the name of the firefighter and the reason for awarding them can be mentioned.

About Firefighter Challenge Coins:

Firefighter Challenge Coins is a reputable and renowned company that provides  fire department challenge coins   at affordable rates. The Firefighter Challenge Coins has a dedicated staff of graphic artists who design challenge coins for your department. For more details, you can visit Firefighterchallengecoins.com.

How to add BACKORDER item to the shopping cart?

How to add BACKORDER item to the shopping cart?

Some items can not be placed in the shopping cart when out of stock.

If you don’t like to hear the expression: “Sorry No Rainchecks” these instructions will help you to use SALE price and place an order anyway.

In a sutuation like this you are more than welcome to:

  • Browse RCSearch.info catalogue
  • Find an item you would like to order
  • Open details of this item
  • Click on the shopping cart (may require repeting last two steps)


Now you can pay for your order and wait for the item from backorder to be delivered to your door.

HK 450 GT beginner setup

Hey all

You´d like to join the huge rc heli community but don´t know how to start and what equipment you need? I hope to help you doing first steps on my own experience.

Forget all coaxial helicopters! Start with the 450 size one :) If you´ve got a lot of unneeded dollars you can buy a T-Rex and then (after crash) always expensive genuine parts… But I wouldnt…

My first idea was to buy a second hand heli… Forget it! It will be just trouble with it! A helicopter is a quite expendable toy and you will surely need to replace most parts of used one! For a beginner is a HK450 heli actually a very attractive choice. Replacement parts are cheep, T-Rex parts feet also if one wants to exchange something to get more precisious helicopter reaction. Now here is the best beginner setup! I crashed my first heli seveal times and no one servo was damaged for example!

Just order everything by Hobbyking (all links are to international warehouse but you can choose your favorite wh on hk webstore. Dont forget, for different warehouses you have to place different orders!):

All this parts you need to get your heli taken off. Of course you need a transmitter and a receiver, too. I use e.g. Hitech Aurora 9 with Optima 6 (or 7, or 9)

A little bit replacement parts statistics after some crashes could be helpfull for you:

Main shaft 4
Feathering shaft 4
Bearing 5x11x5 5
Stabilizer bar 5
Bearing 4x8x3 2
Bearing 4x7x2,5 2
Skid pipe 2
Linkage rod eye 3
Vertical tail fin 1
Main gear 1
Screw M2x12 3
Tail boom 3
Horizontalfin band 1
Landing skid 1
Landeschlitten 2
Main blade (pairs) 6
Tail support rod 1
Chassis 1

So it is recommended you buy some more replacement parts to get uninterrupted flying fun!

Mounting instructions of this helicopter you will surely find on youtube.

Hope this setup will be helpfull for you! Enjoy it!


Joe Nall Super Deal – Save up to USD $100 on AGM Hobby

Save big on AGM hobby’s Joe Nall super deal. This is an amazing opportunity to find small RC gas engine and model airplanes with 30cc at unbelievable prices.

www.agmhobby.com offers three options for RC enthusiasts:

Option 1: AGM 30cc + 30cc aircraft = $79.99 off

Option 2: AGM 30cc + 30cc aircraft + pits muffler = $100 off

Option 3: AGM 60cc + 50cc aircraft = $100 off

AGM Hobby Joe Nall Special Offers

The above combo has offered a good way for players to get these gas engines, RC aircraft and engine parts together at their lowest prices. This promotion is special for the Joe Nall 2014 for RC hobbyists to get the best products at a super low price and save some money for them.

It’s almost unbelievable to find AGM 30cc and 30cc aircraft on sale at such a low price, since AGM 30cc gasoline engine is selling for $179.99 and the EXTRA300LP 30CC V3 for $389.00 at agmhobby.com, but now, if you choose the option one showed as above, you can get the two items with $79.00 off. All 30cc aircrafts displayed in this online store are available for you to choose from.

For RC shoppers buy these items in the above options, you can add the products into your shopping cart with any of the above option, the money will be deducted for you automatically by system.

To see complete selection of 30cc and 50cc aircrafts of AGM hobby super deal or to place an order online, visit this promotion page there (http://www.agmhobby.com/joe-nall-special-offers.php) and this activity is available from April 20 to May 16.

Website: www.agmhobby.com

Contact: [email protected]


Ordering more than 3 items using buddy code

There is a quantity limit of 3 when you order an item using buddy code. Also this buddy code won't work on your next purchase. If you would like to order the same item feel free to use another buddy code for your next order:

In the situation when merchandise has only one buddy code you can ask your relative to order it using their name.

AGM 30cc Engine Could be Option for RC Aircrafts Wingspan Ranging from 72-74 Inches

Released from AGM DISTIBUTOR LLC, the AGM30cc gasoline engine shows a great performance when installed on different model RC airplanes. More than thousands RC players have bought this engine from AGM’s online stores.

AGM 30cc gasoline engine 


While there are still some players who do not understand well about the specification and features of the AGM30cc engine, here I would like to make a small introduction about that:

AGM 30cc engine is a small gasoline engine specially designed for RC model airplanes, with the displacement of 30cc, this engine can get to a horsepower of 3.7hp/8500rpm and the idle speed is able to reach even 1600rpm/min. Using a walbro carburetor and rear carb, auto advancing electronic ignition, and CM6 style spark plug, this engine can be installed on RC airplanes wingspan ranging 72-74 inches.


For example, AGM30cc is suitable for the Extreme Flight 70" Extra 300 EXP ARF, and there are also some users who have installed them on other airplanes to have it worked perfectly. Like the 80" Sundowner, Precedent T240, Super Cub, RCPilot 3D Trainer 90, Hangar 9 Quarter Scale Super Cub, Hanger 9 P47 D-1 and more…


To know whether an  airplane gasoline engine is suitable for your model airplane, you should first make sure that the weight and size of the airplane, and then use the probable prop to support the airplane fly in the air. Of course, the diameter and stroke of the gasoline engine, the ratio of compression and lubricating capacity are always important. Meanwhile, the weight of the engine cannot be too heavy to affect the airplane’s performance.


Normally, we recommend RC players to choose the engine with strong power and match well with their model RC airplane to get the best experience. And the quality of the engine also should be great and fight with the strong wind and other elements to make your flying steady and strong. For most of RC hobbyists, AGM30cc gasoline engine no doubt to be a good choice due to it combined the best advantages and also affordable for them.

How to buy a good red & green laser pointer as your Christmas gift?

Still thinking about what you should buy for your friends since Christmas is just only less than two weeks? Here you can take a few minutes to look for a laser pointer which is also a good choice for you:

More than thousands of laser pointers in the market, well, how to choose the one with high quality and will work best for your needs are more important.


Most of the laser pointers we can see are come with 5-heads, or some only have one head. If you buy this kind of laser pointer, you may need to make sure that what material does the head of the laser pointer made from. Metal laser pointer is more durable than the plastic heads anyway. Other elements you should take into consideration are that the battery of the laser pointer, if a laser pointer takes AAA batteries, then that item is said made of good quality.

While for the beam of the laser pointer, we can see that there are red beam, green beam and multi beam laser pointers. Also some of them are come with multi-color lasers like 3 in 1, 4 in 1 or 5 in 1 laser pointers, these beams can change by pressing the relative buttons.

Except for the above elements, you may also consider the mw rating on the laser pointer. If you are using it in the USA, the laser pointer must be rated less than5mw to be legal to buy and use without a permit and this must be printed on the warning label that goes on the laser pointer. Also lasers with power higher than 5mw can be very dangerous and are not safe to use without special safety equipment and taking special precautions. So you should make sure that the laser pointers you are going to purchase are legal and safe.

For these laser pointers, if you are a new user, you must read carefully about the safety specification, do not put that in the place where Children can touch.

For more laser pointers for this holiday, you may take a look at mbuynow.com laser pointer Christmas deals:

Multi Color Laser Pointer Green Red Blue Laser Pen 650nm/532nm £14.99
3 LED Green Laser Pointer 1mW 532nm Mini Laser Pen £4.99
5 Lens Strong Light Multi Ops LED Laser Power Flashlight Model 826 Green £19.99
Green Laser Sight Telescopic Rifle Scope Hunting Rail Mount Adjustable £29.99
4 in 1 LED Teaching Presentation Red Laser Pointer Stylus Pen (Red) £2.99
4 in 1 Multi-functional Red Laser LED Ball Point Stylus Pen £2.99
1mW 650nm/532nm Green Laser Pen High-tech Portable Pointer for Presentation PPT £15.99
Laser Pointer LED Flash Light Three Colors Combo Red Green Ultraviolet Black Aluminum Design £9.99
Dual Wavelengths Laser Torch Green and Red Laser with Adjustable Head £19.99
Green and Red Dual Laser Pointer Flashlight Style Laser Pointer Focus Adjustable 532nm £19.99
Powerful Mini Laser Pointer Torch Style Less Than 5mW Safety £15.99

See more green laser pointers, red laser pointers and multi laser pointers, please check at www.mbuynow.com.