AGM Engine Readying Two Petrol Engines for Launch has revealed that its global-based supplier to begin selling two new modes of the AGM before Oct 1st, including a single cylinder and a twin cylinder petrol engine, reported from this company.


The AGM Company, and with its parent company located in China, was readying both a single cylinder and a twin cylinder petrol engine upgraded with a few new features add in. Last week, the site said that the AGM 60cc and AGM 64cc Petrol Engine have scheduled to produce on a large scale this month, and the two engines will work as part of an effort to make the company gain good performance.


Some people said that AGM Company is imitating the style of DLE to produce the petrol engines and engine parts. But the spokesman of declined to comment. Company's action showed that they are devoting themselves in veiling its own petrol engine and other corresponding accessories. Some people think that whether this company will go the same way as DLE and other small petrol engine brands to open their market, or will they adopt a new strategy to win in the market.


From the recent displays, we can see that is holding its own strategy of "take a good place in the market by its low price and good quality products, especially the customer service." From sale reports of AGM petrol in the US, we can see that the engine has welcomed by many players, and it has gained great praise since its release. AGM petrol engine is going to know by more and more players.


With more people know about AGM, and they want to experience whether the petrol engine can be able to do a good job for them to fly their airplane. So was public and it was set as a global online hobby store to provide the best petrol engines and engine parts to serve more people worldwide. The two petrol engines' coming, has offered more choices for the players to choose, they can add the petrol engine according to their model RC airplane, their economy and their hobby etc.