How to add BACKORDER item to the shopping cart?

How to add BACKORDER item to the shopping cart?

Some items can not be placed in the shopping cart when out of stock.

If you don’t like to hear the expression: “Sorry No Rainchecks” these instructions will help you to use SALE price and place an order anyway.

In a sutuation like this you are more than welcome to:

  • Browse catalogue
  • Find an item you would like to order
  • Open details of this item
  • Click on the shopping cart (may require repeting last two steps)


Now you can pay for your order and wait for the item from backorder to be delivered to your door.

Ordering more than 3 items using buddy code

There is a quantity limit of 3 when you order an item using buddy code. Also this buddy code won't work on your next purchase. If you would like to order the same item feel free to use another buddy code for your next order:

In the situation when merchandise has only one buddy code you can ask your relative to order it using their name.

FrSky TARANIS X9D – new affordable transmitter

A few months ago FrSky announced about coming release of transmitters.
Yesterday HobbyKing started the sale of FrSky TARANIS X9D with a very wallet friendly price tag. Our website has a buddy code available for this item using one you can save extra $10.

Here is the list of items included in the package:
  • Transmitter with FrSky X9D 2.4 GHz module

  • Rechargeable battery and a charger
  • Neck strap and an adaptor for it
  • Plus you are getting a carrying aluminum case.

All you need to start using this system is pick the receiver you like from the variety of FrSky X, D or V8-II Series

New Telluride 4X4 Extreme Terrain 4WD Trail Rig!

Traxxas Telluride 4X4 Etreme Terrain 4WD Trail Rig
The NEW Traxxas Telluride Extreme Terrain 4X4 Trail Rig — engineered to go places in the farthest reaches of your imagination. Four-wheel-drive traction, specially tuned differentials, and long-arm suspension give it sure-footed rock-crawling prowess for thrilling off-road adventures. Off the rocks, powerful Traxxas electronics dish out high-speed driving excitement. It’s all waterproof, so the fun keeps going through water crossings, mud, and even new mountain snow!
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Notification system is fixed.

Hi there,

Our notification system had some issues and was not sending e-mails about new topics, replies, comments, personal messages and password reset mails.

Our developer was able to fix this issue and all this features are working now.

Please don’t be surprised if get too many messages today as most of these e-mail were queued and will be delivered to you as soon as soon as their turn comes. Hopefully all these messages will be useful for you.

We highly encourage you to report all issues so we can improve our service.

Thank you!

Chat & Feedback on RCSearch

Hi there!

As you know we are constantly working on improvement of this project and recently two new options have been added.
The feedback button has been moved to the bottom right as we had a few complains about its previous position.
Also you can chat with our admins while at least one of them is online. You will see "Chat" button available beside the "Feedback" button.

Please share your ideas and leave your feedback as it helps us make this site better for you.

Stock status is up to date now

It was a well known issue that we had a delay displaying HobbyKing stock status and backordered items.
Our programmers were able to fix this issue and now our numbers are updated every 24 hours automatically and every time the item is displayed on
We still can't guarantee 100% match but availability of each item is being check every time you open the page with the item. This will help you in making decision while shopping.

Sorting search results is available now

Our developers are working on improvement of the services and just added one nice option into the search engine.
So you can sort the advanced search results by multiple parameters, e.g. numer of cells, weight, size, etc.

By default search results are sorted by the stock status descending.