New section "Buddy-codes exchange" has been created.

Some time ago HobbyKing started promo action where you can get bonus points by sharing web links (called buddy-codes) to the items you bought. This way your friends can benefit from the discount using your buddy-code and you benefit receiving bonuses by refering your friends.
There are some regulations set by HobbyKing:
  • Buddy-code expires within 14 days after it was generated, to be more specific — after you paid for your order.
  • You can not buy more than three pieces of each buddy-code item.

Today May 15 / 2011 we are glad to present new section on our website. This way we will have lots of buddy-codes in one place, easy search and more opportunities to gain bonus points.

We are posting your buddy-codes automatically to several international websites.

There is an agreement between us and so right after you post your body-code here it will be automatically copied here
Now the same agreement is made with
For you it means more possibilities to gain bonus points by posting your buddy-codes on our website.

Why buddy-codes stop working prior they expire?

I had a conversation with admin of to find out the cause:
  • if the price for the current user is lower than price after discount, buddy-code won't work, what has sense. Usually platinum users can face this situation.
  • and the second reason, if the code has been used six times (some sources say three times). It means each code has some eligible number of purchases it can autorise. Currently we are working on determination of the exact number.