Very good, it's worth to have a try
That's cool… thanks for finding that!
I just posted a video with similar concept.
Unfortunately this is everything I found.
This thing is really cool, can save a lot of power by just driving.
That's cool… could you post the video URL to that so we could see it full size?

Hi Bjorn,

Thank you for letting us know.
Our programmer is already working on fixing this issue.
Thank you again for your feedback.
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I just found this site. Very well done!

Unfortunately, sorting on price seems broken. I tried a simple battery search like this:

And the list is not sorted by price.
Nobody knows.
As I understand this model is in theproject stage and will be released Feb. 28
Wow! How much the wingspan?
I'm totally agree, as US deals popped up during night time. No one of my friends was able to get a freebie or free delivery.
It was a good attempt but can be considered as fail :( 
It was a joke and is a joke...
They have better bargains nearly each day.
It was a big disappointment (and additionally they did not stock new items for hours); site was nearly down.
OK for US customers, if they get a freebe — but for myself not one interesting item.
Let's give them a chance ;)
As one of the men on RCGroup says:

Cyber Monday + Hobbyking = Joke