Tattu 1550 4s 95C review

Today we have the latest 4s offering from Tattu’s R-Line series of high performance fpv racer batteries.
Tattu R-Line 1550mah 4S 95CI’m already a huge fan of Tattu batteries for my daily drivers for a few reasons but mainly because they are quality that I can count on. What is written on the label is what you get and they can take more abuse than a ginger step-child with-out getting all puffy and dangerous.

Are quality high c-rated lipo’s really that important?
Hell yes they are, whether you are flying competitively or just for sport there is huge difference and while I am Not a battery nerd with a detailed breakdown… I can confidently tell you that you will feel every bit of power when its delivered that much faster. Check out this article on what’s in a C rating to understand exactly it means.
These R-Line go Hard!
After 3 days with my Furibee X215 I’m not going back, not to a regular non R-line tattu or anything else! These R-line go hard and not just with a massive punch right outta the gate. You get the full rip almost until the end of the battery, no joke 3-4 minutes in they still feel fresh off the charger. At the end of each run, my temps are noticeably lower as I’m just not stressing the battery further than its limits halfway into a fight to keep up my flow.
Would I recommend the Tattu R-Line 1550mah 4S 95C?
While more expensive than your average performance lipo, the solid c rating of the Tattu R-Line 1550mah 4S 95C is well worth the extra cash. These batteries have that punch you are looking for from a brand that we trust.
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