Sorting search results is available now

Our developers are working on improvement of the services and just added one nice option into the search engine.
So you can sort the advanced search results by multiple parameters, e.g. numer of cells, weight, size, etc.

By default search results are sorted by the stock status descending.

Search the product by web ID

Often looking for merchandise on the RcSearc you would have to copy name of the item from the HobbyKing or Product ID. Now Web ID can be used also. Just type in the search field symbol # following by the Web ID for the item you are looking for.


So for now our search engine can search by:
  • Web ID (using symbol #)
  • Product ID
  • Product name or it's partial input
  • Weight of the item (using letter g after the number) this request will return all items that do not exceed the weight you just entered. Very useful option when you need to fill up the weight of your parcel.
  • Advanced search gives you a variety of search options (size, voltage, amp's, etc.) Also you can use specific search for Batteries, Servos, Motors, Props.

If there is something you think could be used as a search option, please feel free to contact us and we will make sure you are satisfied.

Shipping weight

Merchandise in the buddy-price catalogue started to have additional icon in the shape of cardboard box. This indicates weight in the package.
As an advantage you can search not only for specific items by names or characteristics but by the weight also. For example you are looking for something not heavier than 20gr. to fill the rest of your parcel. Just type in the search field «20 g» as a result of this request you will see all the merchandise not exceeding your 20 gramm limit.