Issues with combo-prices

Today we experienced some issues with combo-prices.

These issues are related to the recent changes made by HobbyKing. This option doesn’t work as it used to work before on the HobbyKing website also. Now after you add combo item to your shopping cart the price will remain regular until you add related item to you shopping cart.

So now the system is checking your shopping cart and recalculates prices based on the content and if items are considered combo-items you will receive a discount.

As a result we adjusted our combo-price system on the

Combo prices are back! Partially.

After HobbyKing changed whole procedure of handling combo-price, we were partially able to restore this option on our website.

If the combo-price is available for an item the matching icon will be displayed beside the buddy-price and it looks like a magnifying glass.

Once you click on this icon the list of items will be shown. This list contains products that initial item is attached to as a combo-price item.

In order to get this combo-price you must have one of the items from the combo-price list in your shopping cart.

As an example for TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller combo-price list contains only one product but some products can have long combo-price lists.

Let me summarize, if you want to get combo-price for an item you are browsing, you must add at least one product from the combo-price items list to your shopping cart.

Please provide you feedback about this option and if you have ideas how to improve it please speak up.