Have a Deeply Look at the AGM-60 Twin Cylinder Gas Engine

Since the hydrogen powered RC engine enter into market, many users think that the age of the gasoline engine is over. However, the gas engine doesn’t have their downsides in the USA market. And more and more new design and brand gas engines are joining into the battle.
For example, according to the news of Prlog, the AGM Distibutor LLC Company has just released a new gas engine name AGM-60. It is said that this is the second engine launched by the company. And the first one is AGM-30 (http://www.agm-engine.com/agm3030cc-engine-rc-model-airplane-gasoline-engine-p-180.html) which is the newest 30cc gas engine in the market. Compare to the previous product, the AGM-60 seems to be more attractive.
As you can see, gas engines have been in constant evolution since the very beginning of RC hobbies. Nowadays, they are more fuel-efficient, more powerful, and more durable while quieter and less polluting than they have ever been before.
Horsepower up to 7.0hp@8500rpm, the new product build with two opposed cylinder which can dynamically balance the engine when it is running in idle state. Moreover, it can give out sustained and steady power for your model aircraft and help your bird fly smoothly.
The engine packed with two CM6 style spark plugs and two mufflers accordingly. The AGM 60cc gas engine can serve 15.2kg pulling force at 100 meters altitude and 13.5kg pulling force at 1800 meters altitude. That's a high performance for its size compared to the engines of today. 
Its acceptable propellers include 2-blade 22×10, 23×8, 23×10 and 24×8 which gives you a wide of choice. In additional, the AGM Company recommends RC modelers use unleaded gasoline or oil mixed 30:1 as fuel.
The recommended compression ratios of gasoline engines are 8-12 while the AGM-60 is only serve 7.6. It seems to be too low. As we all know, higher compression ratio means the higher pressure and the higher power. However, too high ratio will causes the waste of power and may be worked to overpower. From the above 7.0HP horsepower and large pulling force of AGM-60, we can get to know that it is enough to serve your model flying smoothly and stably.
Another feature mentioned by the company is the carburetor. It is manufactured by the world’s top reputation brand Walbro. The carb helps to suck in outside air and inject it directly into the engine. Constantly adjust, meter out and restrict depending on engine operating conditions.
For most RC modelers, they are always worried about their budgets. The most excited thing is that AGM-60 is selling direct from China AGM Company at ultra low factory price. What’s more, they also offer leasing service for USA customers. Only pay USD $0.99 per day as stocking and using fee.
So what do you think about the new 60cc twin cylinder gasoline engine
If you wish to buy them, it's best to hunt for more information in relation to company and the engine, while trying to lease one to test its performance and the company’s service also a good choice.