DLE30 Gas Engine 30cc RC Airplane Engines are Limited on Sale at mBuyNow this Week

mBuyNow announces special items for sale at the lowest price plus free shipping and professional guidance this week. It is their way to say thanks to the supports from old customers and new visitors.
DLE30 gas engine is one of the hottest products for RC engine in this promotion. As an airplane fun, I think most of you may be familiar with the airplane engines. This includes five types: Gasoline/Petrol engine, Gas Engine, Diesel engine, Nitro Engine, and Glow Engine. Among the above engines, gas engine seems to be more welcomed by these airplane model funs because of its convenience and strong engine power, long service life, and affordable fuel for players. It has a stronger power compared with the Nitro Engine with the same weight, but small gas engines are not so great to make the airplane a difference, only large gas engine can do good work on the plane. 
While DEL30 meet all the needs of a good gas engine, with the light weight and wonderful power output for its size 3.7 HP @ 8500rpm. This item also comes with a CDI ignition system and can be able to adjust the peak power according to the rpm range. All the designs are humanized for players to have a favorite experience during their airplane.

What's more, DLE30 now are limited on sale at mbuynow only for £149.50. All airplane fun can come to the site http://www.mbuynow.com to add this item into their shop cart. Since this promotion is listed only for one week, mbuynow will change the price as original after this week. So if you are looking for a gas engine, then you may take this DEL30 gas engine into consideration.

mBuyNow.com Held the Third Model Aircraft Champion Exhibitions on July 6th

Look, some of the airplanes walking into the blue sky, or rambling in the air, some even dancing in the air, these planes flying in the air with a variety of difficult moves.
On July 6th, the largest airplane model accessories supplier mbuynow.com has held its third model aircraft champion exhibitions in New York. And this activity has gathered a large number of airplane model fun to come together to show their fantastic performance.
The owner of the champion was won by performing a fixed wing aircraft flying aerobatics and fancy, which has won highly praise from the audience. And the helicopter flying score and free flight are also done a great job than before.
mBuyNow.com claimed that this activity aims to popularize the knowledge of air to more people, and to improve the ability of practice, what's more, that will promote the development of airplane model and the improvement of the technical level.