AGM Martinez Board Brushless Gimbal V3.0 Controller with Sensor

This is a 2-axis brushless gimbal controller that you can use it to control your camera gimbal, and the new version is new coming in the market which is suitable for the AGM GoPro Hero3 brushless 2-axis camera gimbal, coming with new IMU connectors and pins pre-soldered, and what you should do is to plug it in and to add some powers.


Since this Martinez board has a firmware pre-loaded so you do not need to upload any firmware. Do doubt that it is a good choice for the RC hobbyist to selecting one for their camera gimbal so that you can enjoy a perfect performance to take the photos.

In stock   $59.99

2-Axis output supported
ATMega328P microcontroller
Onboard FT232RL USB-TTL converter
2~6 cells lipo input
3 Channels input
Power and status LED
MPU6050 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit (IMU board)
On board logic level converter (IMU board)
3.3V/500mA LDO voltage regulator (IMU board)

Weight: 16g (including sensor and wire)
Main board size: 55*50*8mm
Power input: max 4S/ 16.8V (12V is suggested)
PC connection port: MiniUSB

If you have bought this Martinez Board and do not know how to use it, you may contact with the customer service at [email protected], and they will send you a file of GUI interface for you to follow. But you may be attention that there are some players said that it is hard for you to run it in windows 7 or 8, you should drive it on windows Xp system to make it run well.


After tried it for many times and it is still not working, just feel free to ask about the customer service online, and they will give you some professional guides which will help you save time. This Martinez board is available in the US, UK and DE warehouses of, and it can be sent out from everywhere around the world once you have made an order at this RC hobby store. Besides, this item is under one year quality warranty, and you do not need to worry about the quality any more since it has tested for many times before it comes out of the factory. 

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AGM GoPro Hero3 Brushless 2- Axis Camera Gimbal

This is a good time for the RC hobbyists to buy a new camera gimbal!

You can be easily to control and operate your camera when you installed the cool gadget on your airplane. This AGM camera gimbal is coming from the factory setting, everything goes well, you are just required to install it on your airplane and then to have it work in the air. The camera gimbal is working to maintain its position, panning and tilting as well as instructed. 

AGM GoPro Hero3 Brushless 2-Axis Camera Gimbal

Some great features such as:
Possesses anti-vibration rubber ball
Lightweight and easy to adjust
Compatible with brushless motor direct-drive
Assemble GoPro Hero3 Brushless Gimbal

Brand: AGM
Receiver: regular receiver, DSM2/DSMJ/DSMX receiver
Transmitter: PPM/PWM/2.4G
Operating Voltage: DC 7.4V~14.8V
Operating Current: 100mA~500mA
Working Temperature: -15℃~65℃
Processor: High Speed 8-bit MCU
Max Acceleration: 16g
Control Frequency: 2 KHz
Motor Operating Frequency: 32 KHz
Degree of Accuracy: 0.1º
Angle Range: -45º~45º(rotation angle); -60º~60º(pitch)
Gross Weight: 390 g
Dimension: 155×145×135mm 

The installation is very easy
Mount the handle bar into the gimbal mount and tighten the handlebar mounting screws M2.0 x 6(4 pcs) with the hexagon screwdriver.

AGM factory direct sell
the camera gimbal to worldwide RC modlers which ensure to provide real low price and full manufacture warranty.

The cool gadget is now for sell at USD $130, USA customers can enjoy free shipping. And other customers also can enjoy AGM low rate shipping fee.

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