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Notification system is fixed.

Hi there,

Our notification system had some issues and was not sending e-mails about new topics, replies, comments, personal messages and password reset mails.

Our developer was able to fix this issue and all this features are working now.

Please don’t be surprised if get too many messages today as most of these e-mail were queued and will be delivered to you as soon as soon as their turn comes. Hopefully all these messages will be useful for you.

We highly encourage you to report all issues so we can improve our service.

Thank you!

Chat & Feedback on RCSearch

Hi there!

As you know we are constantly working on improvement of this project and recently two new options have been added.
The feedback button has been moved to the bottom right as we had a few complains about its previous position.
Also you can chat with our admins while at least one of them is online. You will see "Chat" button available beside the "Feedback" button.

Please share your ideas and leave your feedback as it helps us make this site better for you.