HK 450 GT beginner setup

Hey all

You´d like to join the huge rc heli community but don´t know how to start and what equipment you need? I hope to help you doing first steps on my own experience.

Forget all coaxial helicopters! Start with the 450 size one :) If you´ve got a lot of unneeded dollars you can buy a T-Rex and then (after crash) always expensive genuine parts… But I wouldnt…

My first idea was to buy a second hand heli… Forget it! It will be just trouble with it! A helicopter is a quite expendable toy and you will surely need to replace most parts of used one! For a beginner is a HK450 heli actually a very attractive choice. Replacement parts are cheep, T-Rex parts feet also if one wants to exchange something to get more precisious helicopter reaction. Now here is the best beginner setup! I crashed my first heli seveal times and no one servo was damaged for example!

Just order everything by Hobbyking (all links are to international warehouse but you can choose your favorite wh on hk webstore. Dont forget, for different warehouses you have to place different orders!):

All this parts you need to get your heli taken off. Of course you need a transmitter and a receiver, too. I use e.g. Hitech Aurora 9 with Optima 6 (or 7, or 9)

A little bit replacement parts statistics after some crashes could be helpfull for you:

Main shaft 4
Feathering shaft 4
Bearing 5x11x5 5
Stabilizer bar 5
Bearing 4x8x3 2
Bearing 4x7x2,5 2
Skid pipe 2
Linkage rod eye 3
Vertical tail fin 1
Main gear 1
Screw M2x12 3
Tail boom 3
Horizontalfin band 1
Landing skid 1
Landeschlitten 2
Main blade (pairs) 6
Tail support rod 1
Chassis 1

So it is recommended you buy some more replacement parts to get uninterrupted flying fun!

Mounting instructions of this helicopter you will surely find on youtube.

Hope this setup will be helpfull for you! Enjoy it!