Shipping weight

Merchandise in the buddy-price catalogue started to have additional icon in the shape of cardboard box. This indicates weight in the package.
As an advantage you can search not only for specific items by names or characteristics but by the weight also. For example you are looking for something not heavier than 20gr. to fill the rest of your parcel. Just type in the search field «20 g» as a result of this request you will see all the merchandise not exceeding your 20 gramm limit.

The weight of additional packaging must be considered

While shopping for propellers or carbon tubes, rods etc. I observed additional packaging in my shopping cart for example (BOX-379g — Extra Length Cardboard Box and Packing). As per HobbyKing this package is added to guarantee you will receive your parcel with no damage. So while the item that requires additional package is in your shopping cart the package will remain in the cart too.

The only one thing I don't like is that additional packaging has additional weight. As a result the price for delivery will be automatically increased.
On the RCSearch merchandise description has also information about additional mandatory packaging if applicable and the total weight of the item including this additional packaging. Here you can see an example.

Please be aware that search result by the weight of the product will not consider the weight of the additional packaging. The purpose of this is that you might already have one "Extra Length Cardboard Box and Packing" in your shopping cart and just looking to fill the rest of the space with additional items. All the information about the packaging will be displayed beside the item and you make the final decision.

Please share all your concerns and suggestions.