mBuyNow.com Held the Third Model Aircraft Champion Exhibitions on July 6th

Look, some of the airplanes walking into the blue sky, or rambling in the air, some even dancing in the air, these planes flying in the air with a variety of difficult moves.
On July 6th, the largest airplane model accessories supplier mbuynow.com has held its third model aircraft champion exhibitions in New York. And this activity has gathered a large number of airplane model fun to come together to show their fantastic performance.
The owner of the champion was won by performing a fixed wing aircraft flying aerobatics and fancy, which has won highly praise from the audience. And the helicopter flying score and free flight are also done a great job than before.
mBuyNow.com claimed that this activity aims to popularize the knowledge of air to more people, and to improve the ability of practice, what's more, that will promote the development of airplane model and the improvement of the technical level.