mBuyNow.com is Soliciting Contributions from All RC Hobbyists

For all the RC hobbyists, mbuynow.com is under revising. In addition to the layout optimization; we will restructure the classification of the content!
You can write down the below types' articles:
1.Entering guides to model RC engine airplane (such as analyze the contractures of the model RC airplane, each part of the product, how to maintain the battery, gasoline engine, helicopter, airplanes, marine, remote controllers and other electrical device.)
2. Sharing your own experience of playing airplane or marine and technical tips you've happened, or listed your experience of rebuilding or upgrading the airplane engines and something else.
3. Begin to write some wonderful works of playing the airplane in the sky or others.
4. Report some interesting contests or make a detailed and complete record on some competitions.
5. Make a tutorial with texts and pictures to guide new beginners to follow with.
Once your article is applied, mbuynow.com will send you a relative mbuynow points according to the quality of your article. In addition, we will rank a list of the editors referring to the applied articles amounts. If you are listed top four of the list, then we will send a gift of ipad mini protective jacket or other accessories within 35 pounds, while for the listed 5-10, you are able to choose a gift from our site within 20 pounds. 
Great technical articles, new beginner guides, entering articles and slenderness competitions' reports from the forum can also been recommended to us. We are glad to receive good articles from all friends around the world. We are appreciating to receive more original articles, so that we can make our site more professional to help more players and offering the most effective service. We will give points to the original article writers. All the copies writers are not allowed to be submitted.
Accepted principles
Original articles wrote requirements: The article did not publish in any other places before, and should be written by you. It is forbidden to copy with other peoples' article, once we find your article is copied, we will ban your account.
You are all need to send the articles to our emails, once your article is applied, we will send a reply to you.

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