Top Safety Tips for flying an RC Model Engine Airplane

Today, more and more people tend to play RC model airplane, while the accidents have grown up with the time. As a result, accidents caused by playing RC model airplane are still higher than before. Even though we always call for the players to pay more attentions during fly, there are still more than 18,000 hurt by the accident. 

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Improvements in technology will continue to help reduce those accidents, but there are even some players are hurt by human error. The best way to reduce the accidents rate is to have a professional training before you fly, and have a good knowledge about the model RC airplane and other things. Here are tips that will help you unharmed anyway.
Check the details before flying
You must learn well about the safety tips and operating instructions from these experienced players. And then check that whether there are any screws and nuts loose or fall off, are there any gaps among each of the controlling parts. The screws in the motor base work well, and are there any destruction or abrade on the paddle, especially near the blade holder. Make sure the radio, receiver and battery are all charged with full energy; the controller can be effectively to control the distance. While if there happened with anything abnormal, you'd better to drop down and to find out the reasons. If you do not obtain the principle of the safety, that may occur something unimaginable.
After did these preparatory works, you are going to deal with the next step of flying. First, you should clean the plane land, and know exactly about the environment around. Do not fly in the strong wind, rainy day or in the night. Choose a place without any constructions and less of people. You'd better be attention that your airplane may be troubled by other radio interference.
Meanwhile, children should take care by some adults while flying an RC model airplane. The attachment should be the real thing. Don't use the configuration of component produced not by the original factory, otherwise there may be a serious risk of accident or injury.