Take an advantage of using Affiliate link program.

Feel free to refer friends from social networks and IM using RcSearch web links. Moreover you can get bonuses from HobbyKing for doing this.

How it works

You can copy the link to any webpage you are currently browsing from the box on the left (or right) and all the affiliate codes for items displayed on this page will be automatically replaced by yours.


You must be logged in as a registered user of RcSeach in order to use this option.
After you are posting the link from the affiliate box and another user is browsing RcSearch website using your link within 24 hours all the mercandise from our catalogue will be displayed with your affiliate links. If this user is making a purchases using these affiliate links within 24 hours you will get bonuses from HobbyKing according to the HobbyKing affiliate link program policy.

In order to start

You must be a registered user on RcSearch so our system will remember your affiliate code. Go to your Profile -> Settings

In the opened window select Affiliate codes menu.

Then enter you affiliate code in the box bellow and click Save profile. After this procedure your profile is ready to generate web pages with your affiliate codes.

If you are not sure what is your affiliate code you can refer to this post.

Also please feel free to post your feedback and comments so we could improve our service. 


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