Convert expired buddy-codes into affiliate program links

Most of the RCSearch users know that after they publish their buddy-codes using their nickname a personal web page creates automatically and contains all the buddy codes published by this user. So you can post the link on your buddy-codes page on forums or use it as a signature. This way the person who posted their buddy-codes can get more bonus points and those who buy using these codes benefit from discount prices.

Unfortunately average buddy-code lifetime is around 14 days or less. After all your codes expire your personal web page becomes empty and there is no benefit of posting an empty web page as for example your forum signature.

We can offer you a good solution

Now you have possibility to enter your affiliate program code beside your buddy-codes. The affiliate program code will replace your expired buddy-codes so when somebody is buying some of the items from your page you will be getting points of 5% of the price of the purchase. The biggest advantage is that affiliate program codes never expire. You can find more information about Affiliate Link program on your personal HobbyKing web-page.

If you ever posted buddy codes before you are eligible to post your affiliate program code and it will replace all your expired buddy-codes. After you have posted you affiliate-code please check your web page you will see that all your expired buddy-codes were replaced by the affiliate codes.

How can I find my affiliate-code?

To find out your affiliate code you should log in to HobbyKing web site, click on any item and copy the Affiliate link from the right bottom corner. Actually all you need from this link is the number at the end for example …&aff=346897 so just copy last digits 346897

After you found your affiliate-code just enter it in the form where you normally post buddy-codes in the “Your affiliate-code” box. It is enough to enter your affiliate-code oncethen our system will bind it with your nickname and will automatically replace all your expired buddy-codes.

What is next?

Feel free to post your personal web page and share about this option with your friends.

Another way of using affiliate codes:

Once you bind your RcSearc account with your Affiliate-code from HobbyKing you can take an advantage of using Affiliate link program.

Also we ask to leave any feedback so we can improve our services.


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