Joe Nall Super Deal – Save up to USD $100 on AGM Hobby

Save big on AGM hobby’s Joe Nall super deal. This is an amazing opportunity to find small RC gas engine and model airplanes with 30cc at unbelievable prices.

www.agmhobby.com offers three options for RC enthusiasts:

Option 1: AGM 30cc + 30cc aircraft = $79.99 off

Option 2: AGM 30cc + 30cc aircraft + pits muffler = $100 off

Option 3: AGM 60cc + 50cc aircraft = $100 off

AGM Hobby Joe Nall Special Offers

The above combo has offered a good way for players to get these gas engines, RC aircraft and engine parts together at their lowest prices. This promotion is special for the Joe Nall 2014 for RC hobbyists to get the best products at a super low price and save some money for them.

It’s almost unbelievable to find AGM 30cc and 30cc aircraft on sale at such a low price, since AGM 30cc gasoline engine is selling for $179.99 and the EXTRA300LP 30CC V3 for $389.00 at agmhobby.com, but now, if you choose the option one showed as above, you can get the two items with $79.00 off. All 30cc aircrafts displayed in this online store are available for you to choose from.

For RC shoppers buy these items in the above options, you can add the products into your shopping cart with any of the above option, the money will be deducted for you automatically by system.

To see complete selection of 30cc and 50cc aircrafts of AGM hobby super deal or to place an order online, visit this promotion page there (http://www.agmhobby.com/joe-nall-special-offers.php) and this activity is available from April 20 to May 16.

Website: www.agmhobby.com

Contact: [email protected]


AGM Multi Copter Brushless Motor Super Propeller Combo

Good news for all RC players! China RC hobby factory AGM recently launched new cool gadget, it is a brushless motor and propeller combo. The new combo is designed for multi copters such as tri, quad, octo and hex, with the ability of transient response and stability.
AGM Multi Copter Motor Super Propeller Combo
Motor for Multi Copters
Model TypeLipoRPM/VPropeller
*Transient response and stability 
*High efficiency and nice performance
*Provide your vehicle with the maximum power
For more information, feel free to visit:

AGM Martinez Board Brushless Gimbal V3.0 Controller with Sensor

This is a 2-axis brushless gimbal controller that you can use it to control your camera gimbal, and the new version is new coming in the market which is suitable for the AGM GoPro Hero3 brushless 2-axis camera gimbal, coming with new IMU connectors and pins pre-soldered, and what you should do is to plug it in and to add some powers.


Since this Martinez board has a firmware pre-loaded so you do not need to upload any firmware. Do doubt that it is a good choice for the RC hobbyist to selecting one for their camera gimbal so that you can enjoy a perfect performance to take the photos.

In stock   $59.99

2-Axis output supported
ATMega328P microcontroller
Onboard FT232RL USB-TTL converter
2~6 cells lipo input
3 Channels input
Power and status LED
MPU6050 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit (IMU board)
On board logic level converter (IMU board)
3.3V/500mA LDO voltage regulator (IMU board)

Weight: 16g (including sensor and wire)
Main board size: 55*50*8mm
Power input: max 4S/ 16.8V (12V is suggested)
PC connection port: MiniUSB

If you have bought this Martinez Board and do not know how to use it, you may contact with the customer service at [email protected], and they will send you a file of GUI interface for you to follow. But you may be attention that there are some players said that it is hard for you to run it in windows 7 or 8, you should drive it on windows Xp system to make it run well.


After tried it for many times and it is still not working, just feel free to ask about the customer service online, and they will give you some professional guides which will help you save time. This Martinez board is available in the US, UK and DE warehouses of agmhobby.com, and it can be sent out from everywhere around the world once you have made an order at this RC hobby store. Besides, this item is under one year quality warranty, and you do not need to worry about the quality any more since it has tested for many times before it comes out of the factory. 

Find it on http://www.agmhobby.com/martinez-board-brushless-gimbal-v30-controller-with-sensor-p-820.html 

AGM GoPro Hero3 Brushless 2- Axis Camera Gimbal

This is a good time for the RC hobbyists to buy a new camera gimbal!

You can be easily to control and operate your camera when you installed the cool gadget on your airplane. This AGM camera gimbal is coming from the factory setting, everything goes well, you are just required to install it on your airplane and then to have it work in the air. The camera gimbal is working to maintain its position, panning and tilting as well as instructed. 

AGM GoPro Hero3 Brushless 2-Axis Camera Gimbal

Some great features such as:
Possesses anti-vibration rubber ball
Lightweight and easy to adjust
Compatible with brushless motor direct-drive
Assemble GoPro Hero3 Brushless Gimbal

Brand: AGM
Receiver: regular receiver, DSM2/DSMJ/DSMX receiver
Transmitter: PPM/PWM/2.4G
Operating Voltage: DC 7.4V~14.8V
Operating Current: 100mA~500mA
Working Temperature: -15℃~65℃
Processor: High Speed 8-bit MCU
Max Acceleration: 16g
Control Frequency: 2 KHz
Motor Operating Frequency: 32 KHz
Degree of Accuracy: 0.1º
Angle Range: -45º~45º(rotation angle); -60º~60º(pitch)
Gross Weight: 390 g
Dimension: 155×145×135mm 

The installation is very easy
Mount the handle bar into the gimbal mount and tighten the handlebar mounting screws M2.0 x 6(4 pcs) with the hexagon screwdriver.

AGM factory direct sell
the camera gimbal to worldwide RC modlers which ensure to provide real low price and full manufacture warranty.

The cool gadget is now for sell at USD $130, USA customers can enjoy free shipping. And other customers also can enjoy AGM low rate shipping fee.

More detail info about the AGM camera gimbal, please feel free to visit www.agmhobby.com/agm-gopro-hero3-brushless-2axis-camera-gimbal-p-815.html

AGM 60cc Gas Engine for RC Airplane - AGM-Engine.com

If you have visited agm-engine.com website, you may find that the Company will release its second gasoline engine at the end of September. And the concept gas engine model has out and listed at the website now.

From the description, the secondAGM gas engineof AGM 60cc is a twin cylinder engine, which comes with twin opposed cylinders, two mufflers, two CM6 style spark plugs, several standoffs and automatic electronic ignition. 

If you are activists of RCGroups and RCU, you may learn that AGM is a new China RC hobby brand. And it has built several warehouses in different countries like Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, and British which help to shorten the waiting time of worldwide RCers getting their new products.

The detail specifications of AGM 60cc gasoline engine include:

Horsepower: 7HP/8500rpm

Idle speed: 1400rpm/min

Static Thrust: at 100 meters altitude can generate 15.2kg Pulling Force, while at 1800 meters altitude, the AGM-60 can generate 13.5kg Pulling Force

Acceptable Props: 22×10; 23×8; 23×10; 24×8 2-blade

Displacement: 61cc

Bore and Stroke: 36mm×30mm (1.42 in×1.18 in)

Compression Ratio 7.6:1

Weight: Engine: 3.43 lb (1555 g)/ Muffler: 2.82 oz / 3.00 oz (80 g / 85 g)/ Ignition Module: 7.44 oz (211 g)

Fuel: 30:1

Ignition: 4.8 — 8.4v

Replacement Sparkplug: CM6 style spark plug×2

Requires: Unleaded gasoline, oil, ignition battery & propellers

Packaging of this engine:

1 x AGM-60/60cc twin cylinder gas engine

1 x Auto advancing electronic ignition

2 x Mufflers

1 x gasket & bolts, aluminum standoffs & bolts

1 x AGM-60/60cc gasoline engine English manual

Perfomance of this engine:

When you first received the AGM 60cc twin gas engine, you can see that the components of this engine were put in the standard cardboard box, and the engine body was encased in formfitting foam to protect them crashed during the transporting. The corresponding engine parts including a gasket & bolts, aluminum standoffs & bolts, manual, mufflers and spark plug. At the first look, there are not any special different from other 60cc gas engine.

Although AGM 60cc gas engine has a little different with other brand 60cc gas engine, but it will do a different work for you. You can using a 30:1 mixture fuel to support this engine, and install it on your model airplane, please make sure that make your gas engine tight up and try to operate it for many times on ground to make the best adjustment before you fly it in the air. 

After you've done the entire things well, just fly your model airplane in the air. You'll find that this gas engine will do a pleasant surprise for you, the miserly fuel consumption; the low voice released from this engine is all proved that you have chosen a correct gas engine for your model airplane.

AGM Engine Readying Two Petrol Engines for Launch

Agm-engine.co.uk has revealed that its global-based supplier to begin selling two new modes of the AGM before Oct 1st, including a single cylinder and a twin cylinder petrol engine, reported from this company.


The AGM Company, and with its parent company located in China, was readying both a single cylinder and a twin cylinder petrol engine upgraded with a few new features add in. Last week, the site agm-engine.co.uk said that the AGM 60cc and AGM 64cc Petrol Engine have scheduled to produce on a large scale this month, and the two engines will work as part of an effort to make the company gain good performance.


Some people said that AGM Company is imitating the style of DLE to produce the petrol engines and engine parts. But the spokesman of agm-engine.co.uk declined to comment.


Agm-engine.co.uk Company's action showed that they are devoting themselves in veiling its own petrol engine and other corresponding accessories. Some people think that whether this company will go the same way as DLE and other small petrol engine brands to open their market, or will they adopt a new strategy to win in the market.


From the recent displays, we can see that agm-engine.co.uk is holding its own strategy of "take a good place in the market by its low price and good quality products, especially the customer service." From sale reports of AGM petrol in the US, we can see that the engine has welcomed by many players, and it has gained great praise since its release. AGM petrol engine is going to know by more and more players.


With more people know about AGM, and they want to experience whether the petrol engine can be able to do a good job for them to fly their airplane. So agm-engine.co.uk was public and it was set as a global online hobby store to provide the best petrol engines and engine parts to serve more people worldwide. The two petrol engines' coming, has offered more choices for the players to choose, they can add the petrol engine according to their model RC airplane, their economy and their hobby etc.


Have a Deeply Look at the AGM-60 Twin Cylinder Gas Engine

Since the hydrogen powered RC engine enter into market, many users think that the age of the gasoline engine is over. However, the gas engine doesn’t have their downsides in the USA market. And more and more new design and brand gas engines are joining into the battle.
For example, according to the news of Prlog, the AGM Distibutor LLC Company has just released a new gas engine name AGM-60. It is said that this is the second engine launched by the company. And the first one is AGM-30 (http://www.agm-engine.com/agm3030cc-engine-rc-model-airplane-gasoline-engine-p-180.html) which is the newest 30cc gas engine in the market. Compare to the previous product, the AGM-60 seems to be more attractive.
As you can see, gas engines have been in constant evolution since the very beginning of RC hobbies. Nowadays, they are more fuel-efficient, more powerful, and more durable while quieter and less polluting than they have ever been before.
Horsepower up to 7.0hp@8500rpm, the new product build with two opposed cylinder which can dynamically balance the engine when it is running in idle state. Moreover, it can give out sustained and steady power for your model aircraft and help your bird fly smoothly.
The engine packed with two CM6 style spark plugs and two mufflers accordingly. The AGM 60cc gas engine can serve 15.2kg pulling force at 100 meters altitude and 13.5kg pulling force at 1800 meters altitude. That's a high performance for its size compared to the engines of today. 
Its acceptable propellers include 2-blade 22×10, 23×8, 23×10 and 24×8 which gives you a wide of choice. In additional, the AGM Company recommends RC modelers use unleaded gasoline or oil mixed 30:1 as fuel.
The recommended compression ratios of gasoline engines are 8-12 while the AGM-60 is only serve 7.6. It seems to be too low. As we all know, higher compression ratio means the higher pressure and the higher power. However, too high ratio will causes the waste of power and may be worked to overpower. From the above 7.0HP horsepower and large pulling force of AGM-60, we can get to know that it is enough to serve your model flying smoothly and stably.
Another feature mentioned by the company is the carburetor. It is manufactured by the world’s top reputation brand Walbro. The carb helps to suck in outside air and inject it directly into the engine. Constantly adjust, meter out and restrict depending on engine operating conditions.
For most RC modelers, they are always worried about their budgets. The most excited thing is that AGM-60 is selling direct from China AGM Company at ultra low factory price. What’s more, they also offer leasing service for USA customers. Only pay USD $0.99 per day as stocking and using fee.
So what do you think about the new 60cc twin cylinder gasoline engine
If you wish to buy them, it's best to hunt for more information in relation to company and the engine, while trying to lease one to test its performance and the company’s service also a good choice.

The Easy Way to Make Your Model Airplane Start

Recently, I've looked into the forum, and there are some players who are complaining about the problems of starting the RC model airplane engine. Here I would like to share my own experience to all of you, hope that can do some help for you.
There are several tips you should pay attention to:
First is the position of the idle mixture, most of the RCers suggested that you should not move the idle mixture with the default from the original setting, I also agree with them. You should not to move the position of this idle mixture, otherwise, you will harder to restart it later. You should check other places to see whether there are some problems happen. 
If you have move the position of this idle mixture, and your engine without any problems, the main needle with 1.5 circles, you can try to restart the engine again, and to increase the angle of the idle mixture with 20 degrees from the start of rich oil, and until the engine starting working, then to turn the idle mixture slowly to get to the idle speed rich oil.
Start the oil-rich
Many RC modelers have happened with this situation. In my opinion, I think the main reason is that you have done a wrong operation last time. 
1. You should burn out the all oil in the engine tank, but you must be careful, because the airplane gas engine speed will increase a lot at the end 2-3 seconds, at that time, you should land your airplane off right now.
2. When your gas did not use up, you should shut the engine down and let it have a rest, here I suggest you close the inlet valve immediately once the engine shut down; in order to avoid the cooling engine has some oil return with pressure.
3. You should close your exhaust pipe when you finished your flying, so that to make your airplane engine stay in a closed place. When you have badly rich of oil, you should first to open the throttle for the largest degree, and do not plug in the ignition, to make the engine tilt to the engine exhaust pipe with 45 degrees, then use the ignition to start your RC model airplane engine.

Find more airplane hobby tips on http://blog.agmhobby.com