How to buy a good red & green laser pointer as your Christmas gift?

Still thinking about what you should buy for your friends since Christmas is just only less than two weeks? Here you can take a few minutes to look for a laser pointer which is also a good choice for you:

More than thousands of laser pointers in the market, well, how to choose the one with high quality and will work best for your needs are more important.


Most of the laser pointers we can see are come with 5-heads, or some only have one head. If you buy this kind of laser pointer, you may need to make sure that what material does the head of the laser pointer made from. Metal laser pointer is more durable than the plastic heads anyway. Other elements you should take into consideration are that the battery of the laser pointer, if a laser pointer takes AAA batteries, then that item is said made of good quality.

While for the beam of the laser pointer, we can see that there are red beam, green beam and multi beam laser pointers. Also some of them are come with multi-color lasers like 3 in 1, 4 in 1 or 5 in 1 laser pointers, these beams can change by pressing the relative buttons.

Except for the above elements, you may also consider the mw rating on the laser pointer. If you are using it in the USA, the laser pointer must be rated less than5mw to be legal to buy and use without a permit and this must be printed on the warning label that goes on the laser pointer. Also lasers with power higher than 5mw can be very dangerous and are not safe to use without special safety equipment and taking special precautions. So you should make sure that the laser pointers you are going to purchase are legal and safe.

For these laser pointers, if you are a new user, you must read carefully about the safety specification, do not put that in the place where Children can touch.

For more laser pointers for this holiday, you may take a look at laser pointer Christmas deals:

Multi Color Laser Pointer Green Red Blue Laser Pen 650nm/532nm £14.99
3 LED Green Laser Pointer 1mW 532nm Mini Laser Pen £4.99
5 Lens Strong Light Multi Ops LED Laser Power Flashlight Model 826 Green £19.99
Green Laser Sight Telescopic Rifle Scope Hunting Rail Mount Adjustable £29.99
4 in 1 LED Teaching Presentation Red Laser Pointer Stylus Pen (Red) £2.99
4 in 1 Multi-functional Red Laser LED Ball Point Stylus Pen £2.99
1mW 650nm/532nm Green Laser Pen High-tech Portable Pointer for Presentation PPT £15.99
Laser Pointer LED Flash Light Three Colors Combo Red Green Ultraviolet Black Aluminum Design £9.99
Dual Wavelengths Laser Torch Green and Red Laser with Adjustable Head £19.99
Green and Red Dual Laser Pointer Flashlight Style Laser Pointer Focus Adjustable 532nm £19.99
Powerful Mini Laser Pointer Torch Style Less Than 5mW Safety £15.99

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